KMCC vs North Stainley C.C.

Hooks excellence secures Kirkby victory

 With the monsoon season drawing to a close KMCC turned up at the NSCG with some trepidation after viewing a drenched wicket. Bradley promptly lost the toss and Kirkby were inserted. Batting was a struggle all day on a drying wicket and Rod in form from his unbeaten fifty the week before was the only Kirkby player to manage 20 as the side collapsed to 80-6. At this point with Goldie and Shedley using their pace between the wickets to grab quick singles whereever possible a crucial moment of controversy arose. Shedley had called Goldie through for a single and as Goldie made his ground at the bowlers end the danger appeared to have been averted. The Stainley bowler however noticed that Shed was ambling at the other end and threw the wickets down. To a man the Stainley side appealed however, CH-C umpiring at square leg was daydreaming (assessing the fine baroque architecture of the church adjoining the ground) and missed the event entirely. The decision "not out - not watching" was not the most popular ever given. And though KMCC quickly subsided to 87-8 Stainleys chagrin was not helped by Shed giving a simple chance to Wilkinson which was missed and then the ninth wicket pairing of Shed and Robin digging in for the next 13 overs in a vital unbroken stand of 20 to secure a point. 107-8 at tea.

 Mr Glass has finally awoken following Dorothy taunts in previous weeks and bowled with pace and swing to smash 4 Stainley batsmen out in quick succession as they subsided to 30-4. A brief flurry from Winkle saw the game swing in Stainleys favour again before Rod took two vital wickets and although the run rate didn't falter the wickets kept tumbing at both ends. When Hooks returned with 2 wickets required and Stainley 30 runs short it seemed like only a matter of time. However a combination of good batting, streaky edges and the Stainley umpires evening up the score for previous incompetence by CH-C kept the game alive. Finally Hooksy summoned up a Yorker to dismiss the Stainley number 9 and although two fours then took Stainley to within 6 runs. Tufnell dismissed the number 11 to secure 6 vital points and take KMCC to the brink of safety for the season.

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