Dear Shed

Shedley looks after all those little problems - now more popular than ever

Purity Test

Click here to download the classic purity test - see if you too can match Adies score of greater than 200


The Top Totty Meter (Totometer for short) has been used extensively by the KMCC Boys.

Please Download the file attached for your free sample.

Please note this product is copyrighted 1997 BJ enterprises.

Yakkas Eulogy

Our first feature... the tale of a cricketer departed

The K.M.C.G

A tribute to the hallowed ground

Peters Stag Gallery

A first taste of pictures from Peters Stag night. More to follow hopefully.

As you can see the number of features are currently sparse, however the idea is that you... the reader.... send in interesting features with regard to KMCC, cricket etc and they'll be incorporated in the site!