The West Tanfield Rose Bowl 2000

The KMCC team bask in the glory of winning the West Tanfield Rose Bowl for only the second time in their history - Seeing off the antipodean challenge of Ripon Nondescripts followed by the unknown quantity of a spirited South Kilvington side in the final.

Team members(from left to right):
Tufnell, Dujon, Wes (Token Galphay/Australian), Goldie, Duncan, the two Marks (Wensley and Cheese), Shedley
Captain Fraser, Brad, Charles and Stumpton (Scorer)

The Fraser women gaze adoringly at their respective heroes

Dujon shows why he is known as a true athlete throughout the land

While Mark and Brad look sheepish

Another fine physique displayed by Goldie, the team paceman

Brad gazes adoringly at his hero!

The two Galphayites - Wes (a man from down under) and Keith (a man from grewelthorpe)

Saturday captain Shedley and his young lady friend.Mark Wensley: Forced his way into the squad at the eleventh hour

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