Adrian Haigh

(Big Jessy, The fox)

Big Jessy to his mates, this totty magnet is known as "King Dong" to the girls of Ripon.


A speculative signing in the 1996 season on the strength of his reputation for being able to bowl a maiden over. Adrian has dramatically improved the KMCC strike rate in this respect. Prides himself on his swinging balls and his ability to regularly deliver a good full length. Only Kirkby Malzeard player to complete the cricketing double in a season i.e. 1000 pints and 100 shags !! In 1997 season he caused the first recorded outbreak of collective knicker damp amongst the tea ladies of the Nidderdale League.


Injury prone due to the excesses of his large and overactive appendage (i.e often beaten up by jealous husbands/boyfriends)

Marital Status

The announcement of several shotgun weddings have been expected over the last 3 seasons. Either very lucky or a jaffa (seedless !!) and various girlfriend's "time of the month" always greeted with relief. However now seemingly a changed man and engagement to the Lovely Lisa expected before the end of the 1998 season (either that or a trade-in for a new model !!)