Bradley Ellis Atkinson.


Brad is a complicated soul who plays intermittently for KMCC due to various Rugby and Injury commitments. Moods can swing from One of the Lads to Quiet and Antisocial.


Being a Rugby type Bradley has got more body mass than Shedley (the difference being Brad comes in at 30% bone 65% muscle 5% fat compared to Shedley at a staggering 30% Bone 5% Skin and 65% Lard.)


Bowlers throughout the league physically shite themselves on sight of Brad. He either gets 50 plus in three overs or less , or misses and gets nothing.


A good solid pair of hands a nice flat throw over the top of the wickets. Does this man really play for Kirkby?!


Brad STILL doesn’t come out with the lads often enough! He never brings his bird to cricket so we can have an oggle.

He also supports Leeds Rhinos but there’s no accounting for taste now is there!


Although he is quick to criticise others best attempts at bowling brad seems very reluctant to have a go himself. (Strange that isnt it.)

Penal Girth

Brad only ever showers with Goldie his lodger so the Penal ratings committee has not had chance to assess the specimen


Ridicule Factor

Not much to take the piss out of but having a Girls middle name must rate highly.