Dave Tudbury

Signed in the off-season from league minnow’s Scotton. Tud’s saw sense and moved to the village to begin a career with K.M.C.C. when he became disillusioned at Scotton.

The only K.M.C.C. batsman to use a bat that looks as old as Rodney. A real treasure of a bit of willow that looks like it came out of Nev’s attic sometime before the war.


A proven batsman who is just starting to find his feet on the test match quality wickets that Ernest pal manages to prepare each week at the K.M.C.G. Runs will come as the season progresses.


Has thrown himself around the outfield already this season with great effect. Has found a home under the tree on the boundary much to his disgust. Has had plenty of catching practice this season already but blames the tree for his failure to pick up the ball in time. Will surely improve as the season progresses.


Hails from the I Fraser School of bowling which says it all. Has been utilised this season but to no effect whatsoever.


A strong middle order batsman who has a large capacity for alcohol managing to see off the challenge of both Brad and coach Gout in the same evening. Only the big men have been seen to consume more.


Unavailability sometimes due to college commitments and his girlfriend’s refusal to do cricket teas.

Marital Status

Currently living with his girlfriend, Debs, but marital situation is currently unknown.