Mark Fettes

(The Big Cheese)



Mark is a recent convert to Kirkbyolicism (See Glossary of Terms) and has already proved to be a good signing.


Received his Nickname of the Cheese after that wonderful Ackrill Newspapers production the Ripon Gazette spelt his name FETTER (Feta from the Greek = Cheese for all you Galphay CC Cricketers)



Attacking Batsman with superb timing has notch up Three 50+ innings in just Four appearances.

Nice guy, TOO nice, so he usually gets lumbered with Dibley's Spraff late on a Saturday night when the rest of the team have told him to FFFF off!




Mark tends to be breaking Bats at an alarming rate which will not be doing his pocket any good at all.

Looks a bit like Sammo from Martial law (C5 Friday nights check it out!)



Has not speared clam since moving up to Yorkshire (This will soon be rectified once Big Jessie and Shedly get him out in Ripon on a Beaver Shoot!




TBA after aforementioned night out!



Shows promise as a spin bowler (That's when the ball changes direction when it pitches Sumo). Got a bit of a thumping at Blubberhouses but then didn't we all!



Several heavy sessions with his mentor (one S.Waters) have left him just off the pace but mark assures us that he will be up to speed as soon as his liver has returned to its normal size.



A little early to comment but the signs so far look promising!




We just don't know! But we will find out , If the women wont talk the sheep will!!!!!