Matthew Pickles

(Matty, Rod jr)

Around ten years ago after finally disposing the captaincy which he held for more years than most people can remember and realising he only had a good thirty years of cricket left in him Rod finally produced a son and heir to his cricketing empire. His son Matthew has shown no hesitation in picking up the baton of cricketing excellence from his father.


 Over the last few seasons Matthew has burst onto the scene as a top class scorer but is fast becoming a regular saturday player despite his tender years due to last minute withdrawals. The high point of his KMCC career so far is a high pressure stop at short fine leg with the scores tied against Ripley enabling KMCC to grab a share of the points.



 Low points include being run out by Dibbley without scoring on debut. Matthew still lacks the necessary inches to cover the vast acres around third man and fine leg which he generally has to patrol given the tradition of byes and missed chances that emanate from the KMCC slip cordon. An unhealthy interest in Arsenal is also not a well loved character trait