Paul Gardener

Paul ‘Wookie’ Gardener was signed after a brief conversation held between beers in the Rugby Club. He said that he could play but reputations count for nothing at K.M.C.C. and he was told in no uncertain terms that he had to earn his place.

The usual player shortage at the start of the season meant that Wookie did not have to wait long to pull on the K.M.C.C. colours. As it turned out the man could play and knocked up his maiden century for K.M.C.C in only his third game to join an illustrious band of K.M.C.C. hero’s.

Only available at weekends due to his commitment to serve in Her Majesty’s Secret Service from Monday to Friday either that or he’s tied up filming the next instalment of George Lucas’s epic sci-fi fantasy adventure.

The only question remaining is how the hell did he get the nickname of Wookie considering that he only stands 5 foot tall and looks bald when stood next to the beast like Goldie. Perhaps Ewok would be more fitting.


As mentioned, Wookie has already notched up his maiden century for K.M.C.C. with the promise of more to come. Never looks in trouble when at the crease but has a tendency to throw his wicket away sometimes.


It is rumoured that Wookie can bowl and has so far been used sporadically. Has bowled a few peaches but also some melons to date. Will benefit greatly from the guidance of coach Gout. History has taught us though that he will get his chance as the season progresses.


Has found a home at backward square leg and reacts quickly to balls sent his way. Has let himself down recently when he was beaten in the chase by Gouty much to the amusement of the rest of the team.


A flashing blade and a willingness to travel from somewhere down in the deep south to play for K.M.C.C.


Problem with his ankles is used as an excuse when needed. Blames his girlfriend when he has to pass on drinking duties and skulk off.

Marital Status

Currently dating the lovely Sara but no word on where it’s going.