Richard Peacock



Yakker was a kirkby stalwart before being drawn away into the midst of lancashire, however he was the first of the kirkby young guns to graduate from the academy in the late '80s. The stick handed out by the Wath team for overcelebrating a match winning catch is nothing to that which he received week in week out for his nocturnal activities with Ermyntrude(the heiffer) back at Ringbeck, particularly when the roads are bad on those cold winter nights.


Ermyntrude. A penchant for snaking the Fraser Clan in the Queens of an evening was frowned upon by all who did not get a good view of his trouser python.

Marital Status

Always being the marrying type, Richard is now living with wife Kaye in the aptly named Ramsbottom.

Yakker:a eulogy