Robin Boynton



Robin's major strength is that he doesn't do much on a saturday afternoon and as a result is always available to fill in a gap if the team is short of a full complement approaching the eleventh hour. He is also a handy stand in keeper. A keen enthusiast who is always willing to partake fully in team affairs - particularly if they involve after match revelry.


Robin's major weakness (apart from a lack of cricketing skill common to most kmcc players) is the appalling cricket jumper he is so keen to sport whatever the weather which went out of fashion in the late 70s(1870s) and only succeeds in emphasising his rather skinny physique.

Marital Status

Another team member whose marital status depends almost entirely on the number of girls in the surrounding area who have had their 16th birthday within the last 6 months and are looking for a father figure!!(They don't find one but by then it's far too late)